BVS- The Travelling Of Double-moon Bay

BVS- The Travelling Of Double-moon Bay


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BVS-The cold winter comes. Remember to drink water and wear thick clothes! -BVS

Do you hanging out recently?

Our company orginze us to go to sea and beach for relaxing. All staff went to Double-Moon Bay from 23 to 24 last month. Do you hear of it? It is beautiful. I still remenber the warm from sun, the winds from sea.


We were leaving for Double-moon bay on 23 November. We gathered together at the downstairs of our company. At 9 o’clock we set off by bus. We played game on bus, we handed on the microphone one by one. who was required to sang a song if the micrphone is on one’s hand when music stopped. We went to the bay with their songs. We ate a abundant meal and went to the villa. At aftternoon we played some team games. At night we were on beach for a bonfire. We invited a music amateur to play Guitar. Everyone sang under the nice moon. The fire was warm and we were happy. The second day we went to beach. Then we came back by the bus we took last time.


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We were happy and exhausted when we returned to our accommodation.

But it is really interesting, we are looking forward to next opportunity. It is unforgetable for everyone at this travelling to double-moon bay.

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