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“Fear, father’s love is a stepping stone; in the dark, father’s love is a lamp of illumination; when exhausted, father’s love is the water of a bay of life; when working hard, father’s love is the spiritual pillar; when successful Father love is an encouragement and an alarm.”

Father’s Day is a festival of grateful fathers. It began in the early twentieth century and originated in the United States. It has been widely spread around the world, and the date of the festival varies by region.

The most extensive date is on the third Sunday of June each year, and 52 countries and regions in the world are on Father’s Day on this day. There are various ways of celebrating the festival, most of which are related to giving gifts, family dinners or events.

On Father’s Day, people in Pennsylvania will greet their father with dandelions, and in Vancouver, people choose to wear white cloves. All the Americans whose fathers are deceased will wear a white rose, while the Americans whose father is alive wear red roses.

On Father’s Day in the United States, children make breakfast for their parents, and parents can continue to sleep without having to get up early. In addition, children in the United States send greeting cards to their fathers and buy small gifts, such as ties and socks, for their father to express respect for their father. German fathers on German Father’s Day can enjoy drinking and carnival.

On Father’s Day, we believe that we are unparalleled in respecting our parents. When the mother took care of us very carefully, the father also tried to play the role God gave him. When we think about what kind of gift to buy for Father’s Day, can you reflect on whether we love our father? Like him, he has always been selfless to love.

If you haven’t seen your father for a long time? Please have a video chat with him. Our all-in-one machine can be used not only for video conversations with parents, but also for smart homes, smart medical displays, self-service terminals, security monitoring, and more.

We have been in the line of tablet with windows or android system for ten years and we specialize in exportation.

We supply 10 inch–32 inch all in one tablet.Please kindly check our Android system product information below.

  1. Screen:10.1inch ~32inch IPS Screen(Highlight LED Backlight)
  2. CPU: A64/RK3188/RK3288/RK3399 optional
  3. RAM: 2GB (1GB/4GB/optional) (8GB OEM)
  4. ROM: 8GB (16G optional) (32G / 64G OEM)
  5. Operating System: Android 5.1/ 6.0/ 7.1 optional( Android 4.4/8.0 Optional)
  6. Interface: DC input/USB/Mini-USB(OTG)/Audio/RJ45 Ethernet/SD card(POE power/HDMI Optional)
  7. Touch Screen: 10 Points Capacitive multi-touch screen optiona
  8. Installation method:Wall mounted/In Wall/Holder/Stand/OEM Open frame
  9. Application:

If the android system can be available, how about the following one?


CPU: RK3288

Operation System: Android 6.0



2MP camera

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