How do you choose an all in one pc? -BVS

How do you choose an all in one pc? -BVS


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How do you choose an all in one pc? I would like to share my suggestions.

To buy a all in one pc, the screen is the key.

It is no lightspots on the screen, which is good screen. It affects the apperance even the performance. Some spots on the screen will looks ugly, much spots on the screen it will affect the image and even can not see clearly.

So what screen should you choose?

There are A grade, B grade and C grade screen. It is at least 10 spots on the C grade screen. It is B grade if more than 5 lightspot on the screen. And A grade screen is 5 spots and less than 5. It is cost perform for A grade screen, it does not affect the usage and does not too much affect to the apperance.

So, if you choose a machine, do not forget to check the screen quality but not just price.

How you choose your machine? Leave your idea below!

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