Father, you are circle’s center, radius for me


  Dear father, your son has wanted to write a letter to you for many times, but I am afraid that the weight of words cannot carry the weight of father’s love, and that ramble will break the understanding between father and son for a long time: love cannot be expressed in words. But he still wants to whisper it out of sight, even if only to himself. You are the center and I am the radius. And any larger radius has to go around the center of the circle.

     So how do we send our father’s respects ? For those who are not good at expressing emotions, you can extend greetings in a simple video, or you can give your father a warm, non-speaking phone, because this silent phone contains a very emotional and grateful message.

Our company’s products can help you complete this dream. For example, the monitor of each size has touch / VGA and 3M card function. It is suitable for communication with family video and phone with smart software such as tablet PC. However, we main application as face recognition, robot display, pos system,security monitoring, smart home, self-service terminal, medical device display, advertising information display, rail traffic display,video call,clothing store,auto system machine,touch media display,Information koisk,conference system display,smart medical display,catering,shopping mall,self order,banking, metting room,Entertainment devices,facial identification and more.

   Now, no matter where you are, your son has learned to always tell yourself no matter how bad the environment must learn to survive, learn to endure; No matter how cross eyebrow coldness of others to learn to laugh, learn to be strong. Oh, father! There are so many reminders in my steps; In your heart, there are too many care; And in your vision, there are too many too much expectation! Father, your hard work, your son can understand; Your charity thrifty, the son dare not forget a moment; Your health and longevity, is the son’s greatest wish! You are the center and I am the radius. No matter how big your son grows, no matter how far he goes, he will never be able to walk out of your sight. If someone asks me why I am smiling, I will proudly tell him that it is because I am basking in the sunshine of love. And you, is my warmest, most brilliant sun zone!


Monitor, a warm artifact for home. And why don’t you have a video greeting with your father now? Come on , Monitor is worth by you possess.


Best regard,

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