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Live Shows On Sept. 30th —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Hi dear, the last live shows finished, so thank you for your view and support. We are delighted for your coming. Click Here To View PlaybackLeave A ReplyCall Us For Inquiry And we will have our next live-streaming on september 30th👏 Beijing time: At pm. […]

Do you know what festival is today? —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Do you know what festival is today? Yeah, dear, it is teacher’s day today. It is a date which students express their appreciation to their teacher. Why do we have such a fesitival? In 1981, CPPCC came up with set a teacher’s day. In 1985, chinese […]

The 12th Anniversary Celebration OF BVS —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Last saturday, at 3;00 pm, we start our 12th anniversary celebration at our conference room. All staff came in the conference room on time. After watching video, Hostess Sunny came up. She leaded us to read the spirit cultural of BVS at first. Our […]

A sales battle in BVS -super september —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Hi dear customer, It is super september this month, and we still have a sales battle in this month. This is a busy september, Thanks for your support and we believe that we do our best. And we have some discount and gift prepared for […]

Do you prepare for Chinese Valentine’s day – Qixi festival? —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Today is Chinese Valentine’s day, Qixi. Do you make preparation of gift for your gilfriend or your spouse? I think she will be surprised with your sincerely 🙂 ,leave your words below to tell us what you prepare for your girl. […]

Can I have a touch screen monitor? —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Hi everyone! Thank you for viewing our website. Are you looking for a touch screen monitor? Or you are searching an all in one pc? No problem if you need a touch screen display or you want a monitor without touch. We focus […]

Government query all-in-one touch pc —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Touch Pc could be used for government query machine, it help us with our document transaction, payment and so on. It can be apply in the bus station, subway, library, etc.Which makes people’s life more convenient. People can easily do something with self-service machine. At […]

The Invitation Of The CITE 2020 Exhibition From BVS —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Hi dear, Thank you for your view. This is an invitation of CITE 2020 Exhibition from BVS, we will attend the CITE 2020 from 14th to 16th this month. The information is below. Exhibition: CITE 2020(第八届中国电子信息博览会) Beijing Time: Aug. 14th to […]

Here Is An Online Trade Shows Invitation From BVS —BVS, the professional in touch display.— Hi dear , Thanks for your support all the way, we would like to invite you to our alibaba online trade shows! We have online trade shows. The first live streaming started yesterday, thank you for your interested in our product and support. […]

How does the queuing machine have people queue orderly? —BVS, the professional in touch display.— In modern society, there is someone likes to jump a queue when queue. Do you know how does the self-service terminal have people queue orderly? People would get a sequence number from the machine, and the self-service terminal will call their number in turn. […]