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Interesting Annual Meeting -BVSion —BVS, the expert on intelligent display by your side.— Our annual meeting was scheduled at conference room on 15th. Yesterday we have an interesting experience. It is started from 13:00 o’clock. Workers walked into the conference room. Our boss, Gina, she and miss etiquette put the scarf on worker’s neck. We sat […]

Why is the price of tablet pc at a same size different? -BVSion —BVS, the expert on intelligent display by your side.— The touch all-in-one machine integrates a variety of functions such as computer, television, touch screen, audio, multimedia, and Internet. It has various sizes to choose from different application fields and functional requirements. It […]

New Application About All In One PC 1. Dressing Mirror With capturing the image of customers, the 2d/3d virtual image of the clothes will be projected to the customers. To get stimulation of wearing clothes. 2. Live video of kitchen cooking To show to customers the live scence of kitchen for hotel .  3. Shared advertising […]

Do you know about BVS? -Our Story Do you know about our company? Yeah, today I would like to tell you about us. —BVS, the expert on intelligent display by your side.— Shenzhen Bvsion Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in 2008 in Shenzhen, China. we are a company with developing, design, producing and sales. We […]